Aromistico Napoli Dark Roast Coffee Beans 200g Review 2021

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If you are looking for a pure Italian artisan blend coffee roasted by hand which is suitable for brewing in the comfort in your own home then look no further than Aromistico.

Famous for their versatile blends of coffee all around the globe, taking every care to spark a unique and distinct Italian flavour their coffee is full of gorgeous roasted scents with a significant aftertaste.

Coffee tastes and aftertones are not just decided by the beans and their roast but also simplistic surrounding aspects such as air, temperature, climate and water.

This particular blend of Aromistico has been chiefly crafted by the very founder of the roastery Signor Mauro, as the head of the Pelliconi family, he himself enjoys a classic coffee with a strong fierce crisp flavour.

It incorporates a satisfying long-lasting aftertaste and expels hints of malt and smooth dark chocolate.

The kind of coffee you would find most gratifying sipping underneath the Italian sunshine.

Aromistico coffee allows you to bring a little piece of Italy and its history into your home.

Aromistico are a small autonomous family business based in Italy with a passion for a pure quality coffee. All the blends of coffee are hand-roasted in Italy in small quantities and left to dry and mature in the fresh Italian breezes of the Lake Garda Region.

They are proud to use delicately handled A grade Arabica and Robusta coffee beans with the utmost appreciation for producing a smooth artful style of coffee. This roaster that has been around for over 40 years but still maintains a modern edge to it whilst keeping true to their traditional style of roasting.

This is a rich, strong dark roast bean with the intoxicating aromas of an intensifying dark chocolate and smoky scent that draws you in with its malty tones. Each bean exudes high-quality gourmet natural freshness.

The Napoli blend is perfect for any particular style of coffee you enjoy. The subtle flavours may baffle you with unique aromas that no other brand has to offer.

Given that the intensity of the Napoli blend is very strong using a well-balanced blend of combined flavours it still delivers a very smooth nutty scent. If you are looking for a strong coffee without bitterness but creamy then this is the coffee for you.

This is rated as a full-strength coffee by Aromistico which we would tend to agree with and as you would expect from a dark roast bean.

This blend of coffee being rich in antioxidants provides a simplistic yet dark taste of your classic coffee that attracts you closer and closer with each sip.

Each time this rich blend of coffee touches your mouth with the smoky rich aromas becomes increasingly difficult to savour your coffee as the temptation to take the next sip becomes irresistible especially for chocolate lovers.

As you pour your fresh artisan-style coffee into your cup you are instantly hit with an overwhelming combination of aromas such as nuttiness and toastiness that everlastingly lingers and fills the room with a romantic mishmash that makes you feel welcome with its gourmet modern style.

The Napoli blend is gluten-free with no preservatives or artificial flavours and is perfect for vegans and suitable for all coffee makers, for the best results this blend is ideal for use with a cafetiere.

The easy to use resealable bag makes it perfect to preserve its fresh aromas and its airtight seal ensures that every cup is just as overwhelming with freshness as when it was first hand-roasted in Italy.

Produced by the artisan roasting Pelliconi family this product is NOT available in supermarkets, giving it a touch of exclusivity.

As the coffee market continues to grow rapidly you don’t often find independent coffee producers such as these.

Trusted coffee reviews are glad to see that Aromistico stay true to the natural coffee traditions by selling natural pure beans and do not produce instant coffee or capsules/pods.

With an affluent blend of coffee from the Coast of Santos in Brazil, the Kaapi Royale of India and the mountains of central Africa blended together to create a unique selection of flavours. Full of intoxicating scents and a lingering aftertaste.

Aromistico may not have the financial clout to be able to hire George Clooney (Nespresso) to promote their coffee however as the old saying goes “the proof is in the pudding” or in this case, the bean!


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