Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine EN550.BM Review 2021

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Overall Score 8.2/10

Nespresso go out of their way to produce high design products that no only produce great coffee but are also pleasing to the eye

This Lattissima Touch automatic coffee machine certainly does not disappoint.

It boasts an extremely minimalist overall design with no fancy buttons or dials.

A smooth piano black finish covers the entire machine and it simply has a sleek mellow feeling about it that almost hypnotises you into wanting to make a coffee.

This coffee machine measures 17cm wide, 32cm deep and 26cm tall. Very compact and almost goes unnoticed on the worktop.

One of the main reasons that you buy a Nespresso coffee machine is that you are looking first and foremost for convenience.

No grinding of the beans, no extracting the coffee through a portafilter on a manual espresso pump machine, just pop in a pod and press a button.

If you are looking for a coffee machine that freshly grinds the coffee beans you can view our bean to cup coffee machines

You have six buttons in total, 3 in one column and 3 in another. The first set of 3 control the amount of water that gets pushed through the pod and the second set of 3 determine how much milk is added to the coffee.

You should select a button based on the type of pod that you are using. If you are using an espresso pod then it’s the bottom or middle button and for a lungo pod, it’s the top button.

It’s important to use the correct button because you don’t want to impair the flavour of the coffee by over extracting the coffee.

The bottom button will deliver 25ml of water, the middle button 40ml and the top button 110ml.

So, for example, you do not want to press the top button if you are using an espresso capsule because it will taste weak due to the coffee only being formulated for a short burst of water.

If one of the 3 buttons is not quite right for you and you want a little more than the middle button but not as much as the top then you can programme any of the buttons to exactly what you want.

All you do is hold down any button and when you have the correct amount of coffee for exactly what you want then release the button and it will be set at that level every time you press the button in the future.

That’s all you need to know for black coffee. The other 3 buttons are for milk-based drinks.

Dead simple. Make sure the milk carafe is filled with milk. Semi-skimmed or full fat is ideal.

Stick a POD in and choose the middle button for cappuccino and the top button for a latte. The middle button delivers less milk than the top so if you like a stronger coffee it’s the middle button and the top button for a weaker coffee.

You can select how frothy the milk is by turning the dial on the lid of the milk container.

If you don’t use all of the milk then pop off the milk container and store in the fridge for the next time.

Make sure you run a cleaning cycle after each time you make a coffee to avoid blockages. That’s simple enough as well. Just press the button on the milk container and after 15 seconds you are good to go

This is an unbelievably simple coffee machine to operate. It is literally one touch. Pop the POD in and press a button. Done

It’s what Nespresso specialise in. Convenience for anyone pushed for time that doesn’t have time to faff around in the morning.

Nespresso don’t just make good looking and functional coffee machines. They make damn good coffee as well.

They call them “grand cru” as in a comparison to the best wines. That made us laugh a little as I’m not sure they can be compared to a great Bordeaux BUT they are very good!

There is something on offer for every palette and you normally get to choose from a range of about 25 different types depending on what limited editions on the go.

Nespresso’s entire reputation is staked on producing great coffee and as a Nespresso user myself for many years I can personally vouch for the quality of coffee – top notch.

The quality of the coffee is unquestioned and it’s hard to beat for convenience but they could probably do a little better here on price in our opinion.

Here is a short video of the Nespresso Lattissima Touch Automatic Coffee Machine EN550.BM in action


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