Aromistico Premium Coffee Beans x 4. Great Gift for 2021

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This is a wonderful mix of different coffee beans roasted in 4 different ways by a small independent Italian family that have a true passion for creating a coffee experience that will arouse your senses and take drinking a simple cup of coffee to a whole new level.

Perhaps you are used to buying your beans roasted in a certain way then this is a great way to test the full spectrum of roasting methods to perhaps discover a type that you have not experienced before.

4 different bags come with 4 different roast types, 1 x light, 1 x medium, 1 x dark and 1 x medium decaf.

This particular review is for the whole coffee bean version of this taster set but it is also available with exactly the same blends in a ground coffee version if that is more convenient for you so it will be instantly usable in a cafetière or filter coffee machine if that is the type of coffee machine you use.

We would recommend going for the whole bean version and grinding the beans just before you need to use them in order to get maximum flavour but the resealable bags that they are delivered in will keep it fresher for longer if you choose the ground coffee set.

These are beans that you will not find in any supermarket as they are hand roasted in small batches in the Lake Garda region of Italy, the home of coffee.

You will experience the delights of a variety of coffee beans from all over the world that are produced by a company that really care about creating something you will remember and will want to come back for time and time again.

Vacuum packed shortly after roasting to maintain maximum freshness they come in a unique resealable bag that will allow you to keep the freshness locked in even after you have opened them. Small touches like this come at an extra cost for them and is not something you will see on any other coffee bags. Small things like this show how much they care.

This doesn’t have to be a gift, it can just be a personal treat to try a range of premium gourmet coffee but it does come beautifully presented in a black and white box with their logo and matches perfectly with the packaging of the coffee bags creating a feel more like a Louis Vuitton bag than a selection of coffee beans.

If you know someone that loves coffee and you are unsure what to buy them for Christmas or their birthday or a gift for any other time of the year this is something they are going to love even before they open the box.

Once you get inside the box you are present with 4 bags of 200g each with each once showcasing a detailed description of what each variety represents, where it comes from and what you can expect from it.

The set contains:

1 x Venezia Blend

This is an intense light roast with a fragrant aroma and tones of honey.

Blended from beans that come from Vietnam, India and Ethiopia you can expect a smooth finish with a stunning aftertaste.

1 x Roma Blend

A full bodied medium roast with an intense colour and hazelnut tones it is both fragrant and sharp at the same time.

The Arabica beans used in this blend are sourced from El Salvador and Guatemala.

1 x Napoli Blend

An intense dark roast suited perfectly to espresso based drinks with a long aftertaste and a smoky, chocolate flavour.

The beans come from the coast of Santos in Brazil and India.

1 x Firenze Blend

You can enjoy this coffee late at night without the risk of a caffeine boost keeping you up as it is decaffeinated without any chemicals, just water and steam.

Lightly spiced and full bodied, these arabica beans are a blend from Honduras and Vietnam.

Coffee in Italy dates back to the 15th Century when it was first imported from Africa and the records date back to 1645 of the first coffee house in Venice.

The art of coffee has been cultivated in Italy over the last 400 years and Aromistico uphold the high standards set for Italian roasted coffee and in some cases exceed them.

If you are used to Lavazza or Taylors of Harrogate or any of the supermarket own brand coffee beans then you are in for a treat because these are nothing like those.

They are of a noticeably higher quality which you will immediately notice from the moment you smell the wonderful aroma when you open the bag, through to grinding the beans and of course the unique flavours of all 4 different blends.


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