DeLonghi Autentica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ETAM 29.510.B

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DeLonghi Autentica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine ETAM 29.510.B

Delonghi produce a wide range of bean to cup coffee machines so it can be confusing to evaluate which model has the features you need and of course your budget.

Some of their coffee machines definitely represent much better value than others. They all come with a 15 bar pump and will extract the coffee into your cup the same way regardless of which machine you buy.

The personalisation functions are what you pay extra for with some machines costing a lot more for pretty much the same thing.

The detailed review follows below but we feel as though this particular bean to cup machine deserves a spoiler. This might be the best value for money bean to cup coffee machine that Delonghi make.

There are lots of them and we have reviewed most so we certainly don’t say that lightly.

Let’s find out why.

Overall Score 10/10

This is a fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine that sits in the middle of Delonghi’s range from a specification perspective and above the entry level Magnifica range.

From a design viewpoint it’s a very elegant looking machine finished in a mix of black and stainless steel.

The black elements are what we would call a “piano black” glossy finish with the stainless steel parts blending in nicely to give this an overall modern look.

The touch pad control panel sits flush on the front of the machine with white icons on a black background making everything clear and easy to see.

This is going to look good in any kitchen regardless of style.

At 34cm tall , 48cm deep and just 19.5cm wide this is the narrowest bean to cup coffee machine on the market so if space is a premium in your kitchen and you dont want your coffee machine to dominate your work space then this is a great choice as you wont find anything close to this quality with this small a footprint.

The specification of this machine compares to many other bean to cup coffee machines at twice the price which is why it gets top marks. This is phenomenal value for money for what you get.

This machine comes with a water filter that can be easily fitted into the water tank as it has been designed to accommodate one. This should be replaced once every couple of months to retain the quality of coffee.

One of the best features with this machine which is rare for a bean to cup at this pricepoint is the ability to change the temperature of the water. A gripe we have with some machines is that the coffee does not get delivered hot enough. This won’t be a problem here as you get four different temperature settings to choose from ensuring you will not be disappointed however hot you like it.

You also get to choose how quickly it automatically turns off after the last use – anything from 15 mins to 3 hours.

First off you have some great default settings which should accommodate most people.

4 buttons across the top of the control panel will give you one or two drinks with either a short espresso or long espresso. The short espresso delivers 40ml of water and the long espresso 120ml.

You then have 2 additional buttons. One for “Doppio+” which essentially gives you a super strong double espresso which is our favourite and also a “Long” button which will basically give you an Americano.

The great thing about this machine is the level of personalisation that you can programme. Press a few buttons and you can easily change the amount of water delivered to exactly how you like it.

Also, the dial on the right of the machine as you look at it allows you vary the amount of coffee that gets ground so you can have it weaker or stronger according to your preferences.

When you have a coffee machine at this pricepoint that allows you to change the water temperature, choose the amount of water delivered automatically and also choose the amount of coffee that gets ground you know that you are on to a winner. You can pay an awful lot more for these features with other coffee machines.

 You can even change how fine or coarse the coffee is ground by changing the dial where the coffee beans go.

For Cappuccino or Latte simply press the steam button and within around 30 seconds the machine will tell you that its ready to go. Place the milk inside the frothing wand and turn the dial to heat up your milk for the perfect milk based coffee drink of your choice.

You can also use this for hot water if you fancy a cup of tea as it will be quicker than boiling the kettle.

Some may suggest that the water tank is a little small but we would argue that this is a good thing because you always want to use the freshest water possible to guarantee the best flavour for your coffee so in our opinion its perfect.

You’ll easily get 5/6 coffees (depending on drink type of course) before having to add more water

This coffee machine is a joy to use. The default settings will be fine for most people but you can personalise anything you want to your hearts content.

Once you know what you like, turn it on, press one button and the drink you have ordered will be delivered to you after one touch

This is a superb coffee machine.

If you buy a bean to cup coffee machine then please make sure you buy some good coffee beans to go with it.

The machine can be the best in the world but without good coffee it will be a waste of money.

A tip for maximum freshness is don’t be tempted to fill the bean hopper with the maximum amount it will hold, only put in what you will need for a few days.

Keep the beans sealed in the packet and in the fridge once opened to retain maximum freshness.

 If you use great coffee with this machine then you will get a full coffee shop experience.

It is extremely rare for anything to get 10/10 across all 5 of our measures but the Delonghi ETAM 29.510.B is fully deserving of the accolade.

The functions that you get can generally only be found on machines that cost an awful lot more especially control of the water temperature.

This coffee machine allows you to tailor your coffee EXACTLY how you like it for a fraction of the price of the top end machines.

For the money this is the best bean to cup coffee machine on the market


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