Tassimo Coffee Pod Holder, Non Slip Surface Review 2021

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You have the Tassimo coffee machine and you have chosen two or three of your favourite flavours and all of a sudden you have 3 cardboard boxes full of coffee capsules.

The cupboards are already full and the capsules themselves are actually a lot bigger than you thought they were going to be or actually you didn’t give any thought whatsoever to how big the coffee capsules were or where you would keep them.

Space is at a premium already and they look rubbish sat in the box next to the machine or a real pain to keep going into the cupboard to dig out the one you fancy.

What you need is somewhere to store the capsules so that they are easy to see, easy to grab before you put them in the machine and it doesn’t take up any more space.

Sounds like a tall order but we may have just what you are looking for.

Introducing the mesh drawer Tassimo coffee pod holder.

This is available in two sizes. This particular review is for the Large version which stores up to 60 capsules but it also comes in extra large which holds up to 120 capsules.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this Tassimo capsule holder:

Sliding mesh drawer. All Tassimo POD’s are colour coded so the see through mess drawer allows you to see the capsule that you want without even opening the drawer.

No more cardboard boxes. Ditch the Tassimo boxes and store them neatly inside the drawer.

Huge space saver. This has been carefully designed to get the maximum benefit from the available space. It’s not just a drawer where you can store the capsules but also an area where you can keep the coffee machine itself. You may not have any storage space next to your Tassimo but if you have 10cm of air above it then this will fit

Non-slip and anti-vibration. This is a solid well made construction that won’t rattle or move because it has non slip rubber feet and an anti-slip top to place the coffee machine on plus extra space for a few coffee glasses as well.

This measures in at 40cm deep, 28cm wide and 9.5cm high so it won’t take up much more room than the coffee machine itself.

There are lots of different Tassimo holders available, some cheaper than this one but in our opinion sometimes its worth paying a few pounds more and getting something that will last. This in our opinion is one of those products and there are also hundreds of happy owners that also agree.

This will work as a purchase for your own home or if you know anyone else that has a Tassimo but you notice that they keep them in a bowl then this will work perfectly as a gift.


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