Shardor Blade Coffee Grinder – Removable Grind Bowl for 2021

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This coffee grinder has a pretty unique feature that makes it stand out above all of the others. If you are looking for quality and convenience then the Shardor blade coffee grinder with its removable bowl could well be the solution that you need.

Choosing the correct grinder to suit your needs can be a mind-boggling process with literally hundreds to choose from.

The good news is that there are only a handful that are actually worth buying and offer genuine value for money for the features and quality of build.

A blade grinder is cheaper than a burr grinder with the primary difference being that blade grinders chop up the beans whilst burr grinders crush the beans.

Burr grinders are a lot more expensive and in return you are supposed to be able to precisely select how fine you want the coffee to be ground to fit the coffee machines that you have. A courser grind is better for cafetiere’s and a very fine grind is best for espresso. You are also supposed to get consistency of grind so you get the same thing every time with a burr grinder.

There are a couple of downsides with burr grinders. Firstly, they are by far the most expensive option to grind your coffee beans with the average price compared to a blade grinder being double or you can even go up into the hundreds.

Secondly, you are limited to grinding only coffee beans with burr grinders as you may damage the disks that grind the beans if you use other ingredients.

One of the benefits of a blade grinder I that you can use it to grind a whole range of ingredients from nuts to spices and much more without affecting the grinder or its ability to grind coffee.

How does the Shardor blade grinder measure up compared to other grinders of this type and also the more expensive burr grinders?

Let’s have a closer look.

Overall Score 10/10

Straight out of the box this grinder immediately looks like it costs a lot more than it sells for and you can tell immediately that the manufacturer has put a good amount of thought into how this looks.

They could have easily made the main body all one colour and texture but they have combined a matt black with a shiny piano column that flows through into the lid creating a look that makes it something you would want to keep out on the worksurface rather than stuff it away into a cupboard.

The transparent lid allows you to see through to the stainless steel bowl where all the grinding takes place producing a finished article that is for sure the best looking grinder that we have reviewed to date.

At 9cm wide and 20cm tall this will fit neatly into any part of even the smallest kitchen.

By far the best feature of this grinder is the removable bowl. With other grinders, you need to lift up the whole thing to scoop out the contents at the bottom of the bowl and then bring it all over to the sink to rinse it out and clean.

With this one, the bowl pops out and can be removed completely from the base which is a pretty amazing feature. You can then easily tip the contents into your coffee machine without a spoon or without tipping up the whole grinder.

 It also makes cleaning super easy. Just rinse the bowl under a tap and pop it straight back onto the base. This is a really really good feature.

Some grinders at this pricepoint or a few pounds cheaper come with a 100 watt or 150 watt motor but this one comes with a 200w watt motor making the grinding speed quicker and the overall noise level lower.

It also comes with a higher maximum capacity than other grinders in this price range holding up to 70g of beans at one time. For double espresso you need about 20g of beans so you are getting close to 4 double espressos in one grind or 7 singles – more than enough for a single grind cycle.

It also comes with a really long cord of 105cm that allows you to move it into position for grinding if you have it tucked away in a corner without having to unplug it first.

It’s very stable on its base and does not move around during the grinding process which is testament to the manufacturer having thought of non-slip at the outset. This is not always the case with other blade grinders but it is with this one

The main concern with blade grinders is that you cannot get consistency of grind and you can get bits of bean mixed in because the blades did not catch it properly but dare we say it, this grinder produces a quality and consistency of grind to match some of the more expensive burr grinders.

As a safety precaution, it can only be turned on when the lid is locked firmly in place and then a very light push down begins the grinding process. Simply release to stop.

The great feature at this price point of being able to remove the bowl to simplify the coffee transfer to a machine and makes cleaning pain-free making this an easy choice for value and convenience.


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