Yissvic Blade Coffee Grinder. Very Well Priced In 2021

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Coffee always tastes better when freshly ground. You can literally pay hundreds of pounds for a coffee grinder if you want something that allows you to select 60 different levels of grind fineness.

If that sounds completely ridiculous and all you want is something that will chop up your coffee beans so that you brew yourself a decent cup of coffee then an electric blade grinder will do the job perfectly well.

There are literally dozens to choose from so we have tested and reviewed only the best ones in order to get to a shortlist of the best of the best.

All of the grinders we list are already highly rated by many happy customers so how do you narrow it down to the specific grinder that offers the best value for money?

Firstly, it’s worth understanding the difference between the different types of grinders that you can buy.

This review is for a blade grinder which effectively spins a blade at high speed and chops up your beans to a level of fineness selected by you during grinding ready to be added to a coffee machine of your choice.

Burr grinders are more expensive because instead of chopping the coffee beans like a blade grinder they use two discs to finely crush the beans. These coffee grinders can provide a more consistent grind fineness than blade grinders.

Finally, you have manual grinders which are basically like a big pepper mill. You add the beans and turn a handle to turn the discs that will crush the coffee beans.

If that sounds like hard work and a burr grinder sounds too expensive then stick with an electric blade grinder.

How does the Yissvic grinder stack up to the rest and why?

Overall Score 9.6/10

They have certainly got into the spirit of coffee with this grinder as it is the first one that we would describe as coffee coloured.

For a standard blade coffee grinder, a reasonable amount of thought has gone into how it looks.

At this price you would expect very little attention to be paid to how it looks as this will probably sit inside a cupboard rather than live out on the work surface but that being said it actually looks ok.

A coffee coloured body and the transparent plastic lid actually blend well together to overall create a decent looking grinder that feels sturdy and well built.

At 17cm tall and 9.5cm across this is a very small appliance that will happily sit in any cupboard.

There are a number of things that we like about this grinder.

Probably the most important thing to look for in a blade coffee grinder is the power of the motor. At these prices expect between 100 watts to 200 watts of power.

The more power you get the faster the blades will spin and the quieter the machine will be during grinding.

The Yissvic coffee grinder comes with a 200 watt motor and from our research, you will not find a better motor at this price.

It also comes with a decent grade of stainless steel blades which should last well beyond the 12 month warranty period.

Any coffee residue can easily be swept away after use with the included cleaning brush.

You can grind up to 60g of coffee at any one time which is fine for 3 x double shots of espresso and its hardly a hassle if you want to stick in another batch and grind again.

You are looking at between 8 seconds and 15 seconds grind time depending on how coarse or fine you want your coffee to be. Go for a more coarse grind for a cafetiere and a fine grind if you are using an espresso machine.

When you are good to go just pop the lid on and press the button to grind.

The safety mechanism ensures that you cannot grind without the lid on to avoid the risk of injury.

For the price, this has a really good start-stop mechanism. With a lot of these blade grinders, you have to push the whole lid down and hold the grinder with the other hand to get it going

With this one, a light press with one finger does the job. Very good indeed.

Really easy to use.

This is a very well priced product. Three things make it stand out:

  • Good price compared to other similar products
  • 200 watt motor which is at the top end of what you will get in this price range
  • A one finger light touch on the start button to initiate grinding


This is a high-quality blade grinder at a competitive price.


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