Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee Pods. Great flavour for 2021

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Dolce Gusto coffee machines are sold at a very low price but once you have the machine you then have to buy the very expensive capsules to make yourself a cup of coffee.

Not anymore, these Dolce Gusto compatible coffee capsules taste the same as the original ones but they cost less, a lot less.

Dolce Gusto does not use the best coffee in their pods so it is not hard for another manufacturer to replicate the quality and make it cheaper.

How can someone else make it cheaper and taste the same?

Because you won’t see any advertising from them. When you see a Dolce Gusto advert on a billboard or on the TV, someone has to pay for it and that person is you, the consumer. The price gets added to the cost of the capsule.

You also won’t get packaging that is in a nice shiny box because that costs money as well. You’ll get a cheap cardboard box. Do you want to pay more for a nice box or would you prefer the saving gets passed over to you by the way of cheaper capsules?

The pods themselves won’t look as good on the outside as the original Dolce Gusto ones because there will be no fancy branding or writing. All of this costs money and you pay for that.

How do you know if the quality is the same or better?

The only way to know is to try it for yourself and see what you think. Coffee is a very personal thing and everyone’s palate is different so it is very possible that you will think that these pods are the same as the original ones or better.

They have already been tried, recommended and given the highest rating by many happy customers.

The best thing to do in order to ensure that your judgement is not skewed is when you try them for the first time, get someone else to make two cups, one with these and one with the original capsules and then do a blind tasting. It is going to be very hard for you to tell the difference.

The business model that Nescafe (the owners of the Dolce Gusto brand) use is to sell the machines at a very attractive price and not make any money on the sale of the coffee machine itself.

But when you buy the coffee machine they have you locked in for years and so they can charge you more for the machine and make all their money over the time that you own the machine which is most likely to be for a good few years.

It’s the same principle with ink cartridges. Perhaps you have a printer and have noticed that the printer may have been very cheap but the cartridges are disproportionately expensive compared to what you paid for the printer. That’s because you were sold the printer at a loss to the manufacturer but they make all their money from you when you buy the ink from them for years to come.

The reason that Dolce Gusto can charge so much and get away with it is that people tend to do the comparison in price with a coffee shop so they seem like fair value compare to paying £3 a cup.

The truth is that you are getting something completely different in a Dolce Gusto coffee pod compared to what you would get in Costa or Caffe Nero or Starbucks. The coffee in a pod has pre-ground coffee which is vacuum packed and then potentially kept in the pod for a year or more before you use it.

In a coffee shop the coffee beans are ground just before your coffee is made and that makes a big difference to the taste and therefore you should be paying a lot less for a pod than a coffee shop coffee. You do pay less but they are still expensive for what you get but they don’t need to be.

The other very important thing with Dolce Gusto is that if your drink of choice is a latte or a cappuccino then you will also need to use one of Dolce Gusto’s milk capsules as well which effectively doubles the cost and makes it really expensive to go down the road of using Dolce Gusto original coffee capsules.

On top of that, the milk capsules have powdered milk in them so when you use one, water gets pushed through the powdered milk creating a milk-like flavour but that flavour is not even close to the creamy flavour that you are going to get from using fresh milk.

Using fresh milk will cost you around 5p per cup to add to any espresso-based capsule whereas if you use a milk capsule it will cost 6 times that or more. Using fresh milk instead of a Dolce Gusto milk capsule will save you money and you will get a much better tasting coffee.

Consider a milk frother to heat up your milk and go fresh instead of powdered.

When you combine that with using compatible coffee capsules instead of the Dolce Gusto original ones then you will save a lot of money and get a better coffee as well.

Some compatible capsules use cheaper varieties of coffee beans like Robusta for example but these have a high % of Arabica coffee in them which enhances the quality and flavour

They are also roasted in Italy which is the home of coffee. The Italians love their coffee and they know how to make a good cup.

You can choose from 7 different types with different levels of intensity to suit your taste or go for a variety pack which gives you some of everything:

These compatible Dolce gusto coffee capsules represent excellent value for money and are well worth a try.


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