Thermos Stainless Steel King Flask 50 year guarantee in 2021

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You know that you have made an impact on the product type you sell when all products of that type are named after your brand.

This is not just any old Thermos flask, it is an original Thermos branded 100% Thermos Flask that will keep your drinks hot or cold for 24 hours.

That’s not a typo. Your drinks will maintain the temperature that they were poured into the flask at for an entire day. Not 24 minutes, 24 hours.

Do you want to know the best thing about this product? We have never come across anything even remotely close for a product of this type (or any product for that matter). It comes with a 50 year guarantee!

We had to double-check it because we thought that had to be a typo but its absolutely true. If it stops working within the first 50 years of use then they will replace it with a new one.

Talk about having faith in the quality of your product. We have seen 10 or even 25 year guarantee’s on things like pots and pans but 50 years?!

This flask will do its job for pretty much the rest of your life or they will give you another one. Just because it is guaranteed for 50 years doesn’t mean that it won’t work after 50 years, it could last for 70 years.

That means that it might last across serval generations so you may be able to pass it on to your children and they will get good use out of it as well!

I can think of one other brand that offers that kind of guarantee and that is Patek Phillipe. They make watches and they have a great slogan that goes something like “you never actually own a Patek Phillipe, you merely look after it for the next generation”

You can pick up one of these watches starting at around £20,000. That’s the kind of price you are looking at for something that comes with a double lifetime guarantee.

So this flask must cost a fortune, right? It keeps your drinks hot for 24 hours and it keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and it looks good and it comes with a cup to drink from it and it will last you forever.

This might be the best value for money product that we have ever reviewed. Guaranteed for 50 years and pretty much anyone that has ever bought it thinks it is brilliant.

Oh, and just in case you weren’t sure about the colour it comes in 12 different colour options as well.

This is a genuine Thermos branded flask. It is made by the company that invented the Thermos flask and they have been around for 115 years.

When you want to find out something on the internet you don’t do a web search on an internet browser you “Google it” and that’s because Google are the inventors of web searching and they are by far the best at it so we use the Google brand to define the best.

When you order a cola drink you never ask for a cola you ask for Coke because Coke do the best cola drink.

Same thing with this Thermos flask. There are lots of other flasks out there that make different claims but none of them have 115 years of history and none of them offer a 50-year guarantee. This Original Thermos flask is a very high-quality product that you know you can trust and it doesn’t even cost that much more than some of the cheap Chinese alternatives that will need replacing in a few years and won’t keep your drinks hot or cold for very long.

You will never need to replace this Thermos flask. It’s basically a once in a lifetime purchase.

Thermos has mastered the technology to ensure all drinks remain at the temperature they are poured in at for 24 hours. That’s much longer than you will ever need under normal circumstances and it is perfect for a whole range needs.

If you hate the instant coffee at work then why not just brew yourself a pot of filtered coffee and pour it into the flask and enjoy a quality cup of coffee throughout the day without having to resort to paying a fortune from a coffee shop or enduring the cheap stuff at work.

Here are the best filter coffee machines

  • Going out for the day for a picnic – invaluable
  • Going out to a concert on a hot day – keep your drink ice cold all-day
  • Going camping – keep tea hot for 24 hours
  • Use it every day for work and use it whenever you go out for any activity.


Oh, and did we not tell you, it’s good for 50 years.

It will hold up to 1.2 litres of liquid and measures in at 10cm wide and 31cm tall.

It has a strap attached to the side making it super easy to carry and you simply twist off the top and the top then becomes a cup that you can pour into direct from the flask.

This is a product that has sold millions of units over the decades and it is still for sale for a very good reason – it does a brilliant job at a brilliant price.

It is rare for a product to have such a high number of top reviews consistently over many years. This is tested and is a proven winner over many years.

If you want a flask or a container to keep your drinks hold or cold then there really is no reason to look any further than the Thermos stainless steel king flask.

Many people have put the 24 hour heat or cold retention claims to the test and it comes up trumps every time.

It also has a really strong and sturdy feel to it. hen you hold it in your hand it feels like something that has been made to last. And it will.

Guaranteed to last for 50 years.


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