Sboly Burr Coffee Grinder

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This coffee grinder is a great example of where quality meets value. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on a grinder that does an average job and its also easy to spend a small amount on one that does a terrible job.

Both of those options are a bad idea because why spend more when you can spend less and get the same or better performance and pay less.

But spending a small amount of money and hoping for something that will deliver a quality result is the worst option because you are almost always left disappointed.

We explain below under “features and benefits” why this is such good value for money but first a short story.

The best example of “spend small and hope for good” reminds me of when I spent about £15 three times on a super cheap waste bin for my kitchen.

I thought I only need it to store my rubbish before I put it in the bin outside, why spend more?

But sure enough after a few months the lid broke and then on the next one the plastic on the inner bin broke and then on the next one the pedal broke and after that I learned my lesson. What I thought was a good cheap option ended up being expensive because I bought three that did a terrible job.

So I invested in one that was £50 and I still have it a year later and it’s as good as the day the I got it.

But at the same time I didn’t spend £200 on a bin for the kitchen because that would have been over the top and I don’t think it would have offered much more than the one that cost £50.

That little story is important because when it comes to Burr Coffee grinders you can spend anything from about £40 up to over £1000 so finding the right balance can be very tricky indeed.

Spend too little and it won’t do what you want it to do and spend too much and you’ll have wasted your money because one a lot cheaper will do the same job.

This Sboly burr grinder is a relatively rare example of where you can spend a small amount but get a great result.

It may sound too good to be true but we have researched and tested it and there are two initial key reasons why this does a good job but doesn’t cost a lot.

Firstly, it is made in China. A lot of very expensive grinders are made in Europe or the USA and labour costs there are high and that gets added into the price you pay.

It’s easy to associate China with poor quality but that’s not always the case and its not the case with this burr grinder. It does as good a job as some grinders at twice the price or more and it comes with a 2-year guarantee for peace of mind.

And you don’t just have to take out word for it, there are thousands of happy customers with overwhelmingly positive reviews that agree as well.

Secondly, there is no brand name to pay for and that can add a lot of money to the price of something without it delivering extra performance.

Delonghi, Krups and Sage all have to spend a lot of money on advertising but brands like Sboly that you have never heard of don’t spend any money on marketing and that saving gets passed on to you the customer.

Here is why this burr grinder delivers such great value for money.

It’s not just functional but it looks good as well so it will happily sit out on the countertop and compliment whatever coffee machine you are combining it with.

Both the bean hopper and the container are both in clear see through plastic so you can see exactly how many beans and how much ground coffee you have at any one time. This sounds obvious but not all grinders are designed in that way.

Its also finished in a nice combination of matt silver and black making it neutral and will fit in pretty much any kitchen setting.

It’s 19.3cm wide, 24cm deep and 31cm tall so will fit into most spaces and it weighs 2.3kg.

There are 19 different grind settings to accommodate every brewing methods and every persons individual preferences for grind fineness.

A lot of grinders at this price level cannot get a grind fineness that is fine enough to make great espresso because the burrs need to be really close together to achieve but the Sboly can and we found it doesn’t even need to be on the lowest setting to achieve it.

We found that setting 3 worked fine for making espresso and then as you go up through the numbers you can get a coarser grind for whatever your preferred brewing method be it cafetiere, filter coffee or pour over.

There is a large bean hopper that holds up to 200g of coffee beans which is plenty for 12-14 cups of coffee so you won’t need to be refilling it every 5 minutes.

There are 12 different quantity settings for grinding that represents the number of cups you want to grind in one go. Turn the dial to select how many cups you require grinding and then press the button.

The container at the bottom will hold the coffee and is easily removable so that you can pour it straight into your coffee maker and it also comes with a scoop if you prefer to use that as a measure.

The most important thing with any coffee grinder is the quality of the grind and this stands out as punching above its weight for the price.

This is easier to use than putting your shoes on in the morning.

Once you have set the grind fineness and the number of cups you want to grind you just press one button and it’s done.

It doesn’t come much easier than pressing one button so it would get 11 out of 10 if we could.

There are plenty of burr grinders at twice the price that don’t achieve the fineness and consistency of grind that this Sboly conical burr grinder does.

Fantastic value for money for simple, precise grinding every time.


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