Nespresso Tempered Glass Coffee Pod Drawer. Modern Look 2021

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Nespresso is a premium brand that produces high-quality coffee machines and this modern, classy pod holder will fit perfectly alongside your coffee machine making it an excellent item to complement the Nespresso machine you will pair it with.

The pods may get delivered in nice cardboard sleeves of 10 but they soon become cumbersome to get to when you are fumbling through a cupboard and you can’t find the one you are looking for.

There are also sometimes minimum quantities that you have to order so that you qualify for free delivery and I have often found myself with up to 15 packets of pods but nowhere to keep them.

Most people have 3 or 4 different flavours that they tend to order and keep available so it makes sense to have somewhere to store them.

After all, one of the main reasons you bought a Nespresso machine in the first place is convenience so what’s the point in being able to make a coffee in less than a minute if it takes you twice that amount of time to find a pod?

If you want a pod holder that matches the quality of your coffee machine you will not be disappointed.

This is a beautifully designed product that has been made to ensure that all Nespresso machines will fit comfortably on top with room to spare.

The glass is nice and thick and is made from reinforced tempered glass to ensure that it won’t break or crack from any minor knocks or bumps.

The drawer itself has a nice smooth action to it sliding out without a sound and the interior of the drawer is laid with a felt base that has 42 holes moulded in the shape of a Nespresso pod so that each individual pod sits perfectly in its place.

To look its best you can fill it with 42 pods within 7 columns of 6 all in their own moulded place but it will hold up to 72 pods if you put some in-between the rows as well.

Because the glass is transparent it adds to the design when it’s filled with pods because all the different colours really make it stand out and it also makes it easy to see when it needs replenishing.

The full dimensions are 33.9cm wide, 36.1cm long and 6.7cm high which is plenty space to fit the machine on top and a milk frother as well if you have one.

Please note that it is only suitable for original pods and not virtuo.

If you are looking for something a little different to the carousel holders and something that also acts as a space saver because you can put your machine on top then combined with the tempered glass and modern design you will not be disappointed.

If you know someone that has a Nespresso machine but doesn’t have a decent holder to keep their pods in then this will be a great gift and something that will certainly last for a good number of years.


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