Bodum Pavina Double Walled Thermo Coffee Glasses Review 2021

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If you love your coffee and you combine it with a high-quality glass then it makes the coffee even better.

If you have already invested in a good coffee machine then adding some coffee glasses that are specifically made for purpose will compliment your machine and enhance your overall experience.

Sometimes it is worth investing in something a little bit special to either treat yourself or to give as a gift. If you know a coffee lover and it is coming up to their birthday then these are absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

There are times when you are happy to go for the cheaper Chinese version but other times when you want to spend your money on a brand that you can trust and is a proven winner over time.

The Bodum Pavina double-walled thermo glasses add that touch of class to further add to the enjoyment of making and drinking your favourite beverage.

Bodum is already established and recognised as one of the premium brands in the coffee market. Probably best known for their excellent quality Cafetiere’s, you will pay a little bit more for a Bodum product but you know that you are getting something that is better.

These are no ordinary glasses and its important to understand how painstaking they are to produce. These glasses do not get mass produced on a factory line but are mouth-blown with borosilicate glass.

This makes them a very delicate handmade product and should be treated with great care. They can be used every day but it’s important to understand that they are delicate and should be handled as such.

Not only is each glass blown manually by mouth but the glass that is used is specifically for products that will have variable temperature applied to them to ensure that they do not crack or break when the temperature moves very quickly from cold to hold when coffee is added.

Borosilicate glass is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry because of its reliability and versatility. As long as you look after these glasses they are not going to break when subjected to sudden changes in temperature and that is one of the reasons you pay a little bit more for these glasses. They are made to last but because they are hand blown it is advisable to hand wash them and not subject them to harsh conditions in the dishwasher and risk water getting in between the two walls of glass.

Probably the most striking and satisfying thing about these glasses is their design. Certainly modern but very understated at the same time it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were more talked about when you have visitors than the coffee itself.

The double walls make them wonderful to look at but it does much more than that, creating insulation that locks in the heat once the coffee is in the glass and keeps it hotter for longer.

You can also put it straight down onto any table without risk of burn rings because the outer wall remains cool which also allows you to hold it in your hand without burning even though the liquid inside is piping hot.

This particular review is for the set of 6, 250ml glasses which is the perfect size for cappuccino. A double shot of espresso should be around 70ml to which you can add 70ml of milk and top it up beautifully with some nice creamy foam to create a drink much better than anything you will be served up in a coffee shop on the high street.

If a latte is your drink of choice then they are also available in a 350ml size and you can even get the 80ml double espresso glasses as well.

These hand blown glasses from Bodum would be a wonderful addition to any coffee loving household with a wonderful attention to detail that would normally be reserved for a handmade timepiece rather than something to drink your coffee from.


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