Barista & Co Professional Barista Milk Pitcher Review 2021

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If you are a coffee lover or you know a coffee lover and you want to take your milk frothing and latte art skills to the next level then this professional barista milk pitcher is going to be right up your street.

If you know someone that likes a good cappuccino and takes pride in making a great coffee then this is a fantastic coffee gift that they will literally get years of use from and remember you every time they whip themselves up a Latte.

There is so much choice when it comes to milk frothing pitchers and jugs that you really need to just narrow it down to a handful of different types and specifications:

·      cheap and functional – does the job

·      check the size – 350ml capacity milk pitchers tend to be too small and can be deceiving in pictures so check the measurements

·      next level up – better quality and may have measuring lines so you can easily make for one, two or more people

·      some come with a built in thermometer

·      some come with additional accessories like a scoop for the froth or a latte art pen

·      Top of the range commercial quality – something a bit different

This milk frothing pitcher definitely falls into the last category.

It’s made of high-quality premium grade non-stick stainless steel and you can feel the quality when you hold it in your hands.

It weighs 400g and you can feel the weight just enough to know that you have bought something strong and durable that is going to last a very long time

Barista & Co are a British based company on the south coast of England and what we like about them is that they only do coffee products. It’s always reassuring when you buy something from a company that you know have put love and passion into the product you have bought because they are not being distracted by a whole bunch of other unrelated products from all different market sectors.

They really care about their range of coffee items and it shows in this milk pitcher.

Beautifully designed and developed in conjunction with professional baristas it is rare to find such a functional product that looks amazing as well.

Available in black and traditional stainless steel we particularly like the black because it’s different and is finished in a kind of a satin/matt silky finish that just oozes class ad quality.

What makes it stand out above all the other milk pitchers that you can get is that there is no handle. Instead, it comes with a thick black heat resistant silicone grip that is cleverly integrated into the jug and becomes part of the design as well as being a very functional part of the jug as well,

The silicone is very durable and also very easy to grip giving you perfect control to heat, steam and froth your milk. What’s makes this such a perfect gift for yourself or someone else is that it comes without something that you will always find on a regular jug – the handle!

The silicone grip actually makes it easier to hold and heat your milk than if it did have a handle, the design makes it look better than a milk pitcher with a handle and if you are giving it as a gift they will not have seen a milk frothing jug like this before – a winner all round.

People always get caught out by the capacity of milk pitchers as well because the standard size is 350ml in order to keep the price down. Because milk doubles in volume during the heating and frothing process a 350ml jug will be good for a couple of cappuccino’s but if a latte is your drink of choice then you will only be able to heat one drink at a time.

Barista & Co have thought about that and only make this milk pitcher available in a 600ml size which is plenty for up to 3 or 4 latte’s at time

It’s still small enough to be stored in any cupboard measuring in at 9cm wide and 13cm tall

Most products of this type will come with a 1 or 2 year guarantee but we have never seen anyone offer a 5 year guarantee which is what this milk pitcher comes with.

It hardly costs the earth anyway but if there was anything that was making you wonder if it was worth paying a little extra for then you know that you are safe in the knowledge that it will remain in pristine condition for at least 5 years.

A stunning looking product that will make a perfect gift for any coffee lover looking to take their coffee creation to the next level.


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